1. The last date for submission of abstracts is Extended to June 04, 2023.
  2. Registration is compulsory for the submission of the abstracts of the paper/poster.
  3. The abstracts must be submitted only through the online submission module at this link https://swasthyaexpo.com/registration/
  4. Papers/Posters should be submitted/Uploaded as a PDF file.
  5. Abstract Submissions should be structured under the headings – Purpose, Methods, Results and Conclusion. This is applicable to all abstracts whether it is basic or clinical research including literary research works.
  6. An abstract cannot exceed the limit of 250 words (excluding title, authors and affiliations). 3–5 keywords are required.
  7. The title of the abstract should clearly indicate the subject of the research, the method and purpose of the study. If selected, it will also be the title of the presentation.
  8.  The authors are responsible for the content and the language quality of the abstract.
  9. Each abstract of the paper/poster submitted for the competition, in order to maintain consistency, must be written in English, double-spaced, with standard 1.5 margins, 12- point Times New Romans font
  10. Criteria for Evaluation – The Scientific Committee of renowned experts will review the submitted abstracts as per criteria given below. The decisions of the Scientific Committee will be final on all matters pertaining to the presentation and publication.
    1. Plagiarism/Originality (Scale of 0 – 5 : ‘0’ plagiarism / ‘5’ fully original)
    2. Scientific relevance of the topic (Scale of 0 – 5 : ‘0’ no scientific relevance / ‘5’ highly scientifically relevant)
    3. Scientific methodology (Scale of 0 – 5 : ‘0’ no methodology followed / ‘5’ Scientific methodology duly followed)
    4. Clarity of Presentation (Scale of 0 – 5 : ‘0’ no clarity / ‘5’ well presented )
    5. Elements of New knowledge (Scale of 0 – 5 : ‘0’ no new knowledge / ‘5’ novel knowledge)
  11. Publication of Abstracts : Selected abstracts will be published in Web of Science indexed e-journal (IJAM) & other related e-journals (IJAPR / Ayushdhara)
  12. Authors will be notified of the acceptance of their abstract by email May 31, 202

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