• Maximum of 15 slides which include Title of presentation, Name of the presenter, Introduction, purpose of the study, design of the study, intervention, results, discussion and conclusion (for all literary / clinical/ pharmaceutical research)
  • Click here to download PPT Template
  • Do not put too much text on the slide
  • You may use pictures, videos, etc as per requirement
  • Each presenter will be given 10 min (8 min with grace 2 min) for presentation
  • The scheduled date and time of presentation will be displayed on the website soon.
  • Top 2 Best papers will be awarded for each session

Note: Criteria for Evaluation of Best paper – The Scientific Committee of renowned experts will review the submitted abstracts as per criteria given below. The decisions of the Scientific Committee will be final on all matters pertaining to the presentation and publication.

    • Plagiarism/Originality (Scale of 0 – 5 : ‘0’ plagiarism / ‘5’ fully original)
    • Scientific relevance of the topic (Scale of 0 – 5 : ‘0’ no scientific relevance / ‘5’ highly scientifically relevant)
    • Scientific methodology (Scale of 0 – 5 : ‘0’ no methodology followed / ‘5’ Scientific methodology duly followed)
    • Clarity of Presentation (Scale of 0 – 5 : ‘0’ no clarity / ‘5’ well presented )
    • Elements of New knowledge (Scale of 0 – 5 : ‘0’ no new knowledge / ‘5’ novel knowledge)


  • Poster dimensions A 1 size in vertical format. It is close to 2ft x 3ft
  • Posters should be sent on email as PDF.
  • Poster should include Title, author and affliations, institution, introduction, purpose & design of the study, intervention, results, conclusion & acknowledgement, contact information as and where necessary.
  • Poster should not be clumsy and overloaded with much material. Choose the colors which are easy to read.
  • You may use pictures, graphics as per your requirement
  • The scheduled date and time of presentation will be displayed on the website soon.

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